Privacy Policy and Cookies

What Type of Information Will be Collected?

When one accesses the site, various pieces of information will be collected and securely stored. This information can include the following: IP addresses, the type of browser being used, demographic and geographic information from the used device as well as the operating system that is being used when the site is accessed.

Is Information Shared?

At times, it will be required for providing and collecting information to be shared with some parties. These can include affiliated partners, website performance tools, marketing companies and analytics services. In the event that information is shared with an affiliated partner, one can be assured that these partners operate under the strict guidelines of GDPR.

We will take all steps needed to ensure that the transfer of any information is done securely and that only the most necessary information is being shared with any of the mentioned third parties. Aside from these, we will not sell or trade information with any other party. Information is simply used to enhance the performance of the site and to offer users the best experience.

Length of Time Information is Stored

This can vary and will depend on how long we are legally obligated to retain information on players and members. In some cases, information can be retained for up to 10 years.

Use of Cookies

To enhance the website performance and to offer you the best experience, we make use of cookies. This allows us to know when returning visitors access the site so they can enjoy the fast performance and the best user experience possible.